French toto sgp family win lottery twice with same numbers

In a feat that will have statisticians shaking their heads, a French family have twice won a national lottery using the same numbers each time.


The lucky family, picked up €1,5million in an August 3 lottery using the same selection of numbers they mark down every week, said Beatrice Vandersype, the wife of the tobacconist who sold the winning ticket.


She added that those same numbers netted the family 900 000 French francs back in 1978, a sum equivalent to about €500 000 in today’s money, taking into account inflation.


toto sgp Poker Plex takes you to the Caribbean


This year’s Caribbean Poker Classic tournament, which is to be held in the beautiful island of St. Kitts, is going to be the biggest and best ever, with an estimated prize pool of $2,000,000 which is still growing.


With a number of players vying for a much coveted seat for this televised tournament, Poker Plex is very proud to announce that so far is sending 5 players, and hopes to send even more.


There are a number of satellite and freeroll tournaments designed to get Poker Plex players out there, and all Poker Plex qualifiers will receive tournament packages worth over $10,000 each, which will include:


$6,300 Entry into the Main No-Limit Event

$1,300 9-Nights Stay for two people, at the Prestigious St Kitts Marriott Resort

$1,400 CASH deposited in your Poker Account

$1,000 CASH given to you when you register in St Kitts


An added bonus is the offer of return airfare for up to $1,400 for a person of the qualifier’s choice, to accompany the qualifier, courtesy of Poker Plex.


Mobile Phone Gambling on the Increase


Gambling by mobile phone has increased rapidly, with the number of betting pages downloaded expected to approach three million this year, a rise of 367 per cent on 2004.


Mintel’s research found Britain’s mobile phone junkies are set to blow an astounding £740m on phone downloads this year alone, some eighteen times the £40m spent in 2002.


Ring-tones for phones account for a third of downloads. Arcade-style games are also popular (26%), as are screensavers and wallpaper (13%), and music (8%). But the biggest growth area has been in gambling, which now accounts for 9 per cent of all downloads.


U.S Has Until April to Fix Gambling Ban


A World Trade Organization arbitrator gave the United States until April 3 to end discrimination against foreign online betting companies after a complaint by the Caribbean island of Antigua, a small nation that has invested heavily in the electronic gambling industry to boost its economy and job opportunities.


WTO judges ruled April 7 that a U.S. ban, in the interests of “public morals,” can stand only as long as the prohibitions don’t discriminate against foreign companies. The U.S. has said it can comply with WTO rules by clarifying its restrictions, without opening itself to foreign Internet gambling.


A WTO dispute panel and an appeals body both found largely in favor of Antigua’s complaint over the ban, which has kept U.S. banks and major Internet search engines from doing business with gambling firms on the island.


Antiguan officials say they are confident the United States will conform, but trade diplomats say Antigua could do little if the legislative changes were not made on time, or at all, other than press the case further within the WTO.


“The United States has already announced its intention to comply with the WTO findings,” the USTR’s Moorjani said.


“USTR will not ask Congress to weaken U.S. restrictions on Internet gambling. We had asked for 15 months to comply as it was our reasonable and realistic estimate of the necessary amount of time. But we are studying the arbitrator’s award and will do our utmost to comply,” she added.