Bertiewooster’s sanghoki Road trip


With Foxwoods not far from home, Carbon Poker regular Bertiewooster decided to make a road trip out of the Foxwoods Poker Classic. His buddy and fellow Carbon sanghoki player beauregard went along as well, and they both played in a couple of lead up events as well as the Main Event.

Success came quickly with Scott Beauregard, “beauregard” finishing 2nd in $600 NL tournament, good for $71,000. He went to the final table as the short stack but eventually fought his way to a commanding lead. He ran out of luck in heads up when his A6 was out-flopped by his opponents A3 The flop came A 7 3 and his opponent flopped 2 pair and beauregard had to settle for second place.

Next up was Bertiewooster in the $1200 NL event. He made the final table with a middle stack. The table was very passive, no one would call a hand, one player was reraising him all day as well the night before and that . With the blinds 10,000 20,000 with a $3000 ante, he bet 65,000 under the gun with 8-8. His intention was to take the blinds, worth 54,000 if nobody had a hand. If anytone raised, he was going to fold. It swings around to the big blind, who again, throws all in over the top. Bertie took a long while to think about it., he was trying to win, or get at LEAST TOP 3, where all the $$$ was. He put his opponent on AK, he does this all the time with AK. Bertiewooster knew if his oppionent had two over, he had about a 53-55% edge, and was getting almost 2:1 pot odds. If he folded, Bertie still had 218,000 left, but if he called an won, I would cripple the most dangerous and aggressive player at the table and have the biggest stack. Bertie felt he could win fairly easily if he won the hand and called. His opponent did have AK, but banged out a King on the flop… adios. Bertie came in 8th for a painful $14,600, in lieu of the 185,000 he was gunning for.

The next day in the $2,000 buy in, to put it in his words, Bertiewooster “got smoked”. His QQ fell to JJ as the case J fell on the flop. Beauregard, however, almost made his 2nd final table in 3 days as he finished 11th, good for $8,300.

There wasn’t much luck for the boys in the Main Event, beauregard” had a nice stack and AA but his opponent called him preflop with JJ and flopped J44. With the other two aces in the deck his tournament was over. Bertiewooster had aces 3 times the first level, but i couldnt get a caller. Then when the action started to flow, his cards dried up and his tournament and his tournament was over with no excitement to report.

We had two other players at this event, Steener and Ovnons, hopefully I will get reports from these guys when they get home over the next couple of days.