Milan Situs Qiu Qiu Fiorentina 0-0 Under 2, 2.5 win

After great performance in Champions League semifinal second leg against Manchester Milan will face Fiorentina in next Calcio round. Rosonerri are currently sitting on third table position and have only one point more then fourth Lazio. Third place means Champions League matches next season. Both teams were banned this season and third place is the big success. Milan hopes that they will take Champions League this season and that they will played in this competition even they lost battle for the third position.


In match against to Viola they will try to collect new three points and keep one point advantage. They will have hard work to do. It is very hard to play on the same high level several Situs Qiu Qiu matches in few days. They didn’t impress in Torino but who thinks about Torino after great midweek match. Last week Kaka was on the bench and now is expected that he will take his place back while Seedorf will take a break. Maybe the most important change in Milans squad will be Ronaldo who can’t play in Champions League matches but he was one of the key players in Milans last Serie A matches. He played very well and he is very important for team. Ancelloti will make few changes more. Some of them are enforced but some are based on form. Yoann Gourcuff replaced Massimo Ambrosini at half-time in the game with Toro and that is likely to be a change made from the start this time.


On the other hand Fiorentina has European ambitions and they will try to catch UEFA Cup place. They need to continue with good results if they want to keep sixth table position and maybe overtake Palermo who has two points more. Toni will leave a club next …

Local police cautious about gambling in Verona

?We have four young men who died as a result of gambling,? Police Chief Bernie Coughlin said, referring to the case in which Meng-Ju Wu allegedly shot three men in a downtown Verona apartment and later took his own life just before his case was to go to trial.

With this history, Verona police were leery when the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation executed a search warrant last Wednesday on a residence in the 100 block of Paoli Street seeking evidence of gambling activity. Two Verona police officers stood by while the residence was secured, but once it was determined the resident would be cooperative, the search was handled by the state officials.

According to Verona Police Lieutenant Bernie Albright, the state investigators were searching for evidence of ?commercial gambling,? and a large body of potential evidence was removed from the residence.

The name of the resident has not been released pending charges being filed. He was reportedly taken to the Dane County Public Safety Building where he was booked and released. Albright said the Dane County District Attorney?s office is determining what, if any charges will be brought against the man.

Albright said the man was allegedly acting as a bookie, primarily taking wagers on football games. The man allegedly left parlay sheets in several taverns as part of his activities.

Albright also said the Verona Police have seized the man?s vehicle under the assumption that it was used in the commission of a crime. The department intends to make the seizure permanent depending on the nature of charges filed.

The issue surrounding gambling is part of a larger problem authorities in Verona are wrestling with, according to Verona Police Chief Bernie Coughlin. With the Wu case still fresh in their minds, Verona police are not anxious to see …

Advantage Kashima as Oita drop out Poker Online Uang Asli of the race



Kashima Antlers hold all the cards in the race for the J. League title after beating Oita Trinita 1-0 in front of 31,744 fans at the Kyushu Oil Dome.


The loss was just Oita’s second league defeat at home this season, but it has ended their title hopes after the Kyushu side succumbed to a Poker Online Uang Asli fifty-fifth minute strike from Kashima’s dynamic young full-back Atsuto Uchida, who is currently attracting interest from a host of European clubs.


Victory was no less than Kashima deserved, and after going desperately close to opening the scoring through Takuya Nozawa and Masashi Motoyama in the first half, Oswaldo de Oliveira’s side finally conjured the goal their dominant performance deserved just ten minutes after the restart, before expertly holding on to a one goal lead for the remainder of the match.


Things got even better for Kashima with the news that bitter rivals Urawa Reds were beaten 2-1 at home by Shimizu S-Pulse in front of 54,709 fans at Saitama Stadium.


The result was a bitter pill to swallow for Urawa coach Gert Engels, who is widely tipped to be replaced during the close season, with former SC Freiburg coach Volke Finke a conspicuous presence in the press box for this clash.


He witnessed a pulsating encounter that was illuminated by an outstanding opener from S-Pulse midfielder Takuma Edamura, who charged on to Akihiro Hyodo’s chipped ball forward before snapping a half-volley across his body and into the far corner of Ryota Tsuzuki’s goal.


After being on the back foot for most of the first half, Urawa almost hit back through Robson Ponte immediately after the restart. Instead it was their talismanic defender Marcus Tulio Tanaka who drew the Saitama giants level, as his …

Free Gambling Tips – Video Poker – Situs Slot



Video poker made its entry in the 1970s. It has proven to be a popular form of gaming. Video poker offers players the opportunity to gamble with anonymity, skill and a relatively low “house” advantage.


The objective of video poker is to achieve a winning combination of cards. The player firstly chooses how much to bet on the game. The machine then presents the player with 5 cards. The player chooses which cards, if any, to keep and discards the remaining cards. The machine then replaces the discarded cards with new ones.


The payout schedule displays the situs slot machines winning combinations and the values for each combination. These values vary according to the credit bet.


If the player’s last hand of cards form a winning combination, the player is awarded an amount corresponding with this combination and the number of coins bet.


Some machines give players the opportunity to win even more credit, by allowing them to bet their winnings and original bet using a secondary betting system.


There are various forms of video poker, such as ‘Jacks or better’, ‘Aces Faces’, ‘Deuces Wild’ and ‘Joker Wild’. Each is said to have varying rules and strategies.



Basic video poker winning combinations


Below is a chart illustrating common video poker winning combinations. Some video poker games incorporate other combinations also.


Royal Flush


A Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all in the same suite.








Straight Flush


5 cards in sequence and in the same suite.








4 of a Kind


4 cards of the same rank and in any suite + 1 unmatched card.








Full House…

Finsbury Pkv Poker Lark



It was like escape from Finsbury Park starring Kurt Russell last night. Just after the final whistle that ended Arsenal’s hopes, police blockaded the traffic junction by the bus station at Finsbury Park, minutes from Highbury and right in the Arsenal heartland, with a number of crew vans and a CCTV unit. No southbound traffic could get through on Seven Sisters Road. Excuse me for talking outside my Forest remit, but I think this needs reporting.


Coming out of a flat just by the tube station and trying to make the ten minute journey back to my house was like entering a terrorist incident – all flashing blue lights, sirens and chanting. Gooner chanting. The police were being typically spurious with their advice. When asked how long until they moved their vans from one of north London’s busiest thoroughfares, “not very long” was the answer. Which out of walking home or waiting for the 259 bus, which I could see stranded behind the jam-sandwich vans, was the best option? I was told it was better to be “anywhere than here.” As you may have spotted the reply didn’t quite answer my question.


On the whole most Arsenal fans around Finsbury Park were in a jovial mood, given the circumstances, mostly celebratory at their sides’ impressive ten-man display, even if they didn’t return with the silverware. No doubt things would have Pkv Poker been different if any rogue Tottenham fans had strayed through the crowds; the only one I knew of was keeping his feet, and his perma-grin, firmly inside the aforementioned flat.


The reasons behind this massive traffic mess was some people throwing “glasses and allsorts” according to one attending officer. I don’t want to give any support to violent football fans or the idiots …

Chinese Miners Travel to Sichuan to Get Cheap Electricity in the Wet Season by Block activist group





Since December 15, 2018, the hashrate between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core has increased dramatically over the last two-months. Numerous reports have revealed that many Chinese miners controlling large amounts of SHA256 havehrate are establishing themselves in Sichuan. Miners can receive as high as 0.08 yuan a kWh, or $0.01 a kWh, during the dry season.


Chinese Mining Operations Return to Sichuan for Cheap Hydro Power


Numerous reports have revealed that Chinese miners are returning to Sichuan in an effort to find cheap hydroelectric energy. Following the dramatic hashrate fall in December, when the SHA-256 havehrate between BTC/BCH dropped by approximately 30 percent from its peak, the migration has occurred. Chinese miners moved their operations to China’s other regions and countries during the dry season of Sichuan. The fiat value of cryptocurrency was generally much higher than the Chinese currency. It was estimated that 70% of SHA-256’s hashrate came from China, and that 75% of the hashpower derived in Sichuan from Chinese facilities was sourced from China. When Bitcoin and other coins went up in price, large Chinese mining enterprises ventured to other regions and sought subsidies from local governments.


Chinese miners flock from China to Sichuan during the Wet Season for cheap electricity from Block activist group


Sichuan in China, at over 3,000m, is well-known for its rivers, and the colorful pools created by calcite deposits. Since years, many of these rivers and waterways have supplied energy to hydroelectricity plants. Additionally, bitcoin mining facilities are located in this mountainous region.


Eva Xiao (Chinese journalist) reported in August 2017 that large Bitcoin mines were partnering for cheaper electricity from State Grid. This strategic move was made because, unlike the dry and rainy seasons in Sichuan’s Sichuan, government partnerships allow for stable …

Seattle Hempfest History: 1991 – Present – US hemp regulators | Us hemp regulatatory team | Us hemp team for regulation





Seattle Hempfest started out as a humble little gathering of stoners and has grown into one of the most sophisticated marijuana/hemp policy reform events in America. Originally billed in 1991 as the “Washington Hemp Expo”, the first Hempfest started in Volunteer Park where it would stay for three years. With a meager attendance of only 500 people, and a staff that consisted of 20 members of the Seattle Peace Heathens Community Action Group, we had no way to know that we were sowing the seeds that would make Pacific Northwest history.


The fallout from Jack Herer’s groundbreaking publication “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” was just beginning to permeate the atmospheric climate of American society. The time was right for a new wave of marijuana activists to emerge on the political scene.


In 1992, organizers placed two large budding sinsemilla plants on the small amphitheater in Volunteer Park and Hempfest’s reputation as a politically flamboyant but professionally astute public assembly had begun to develop. We were amazed that 2,000 hempsters showed up for the second annual event. Seattle’s “grunge” scene was starting to zenith and there was no shortage of bands chomping at the bit to support the cause. We were honored to have Herer himself as our keynote speaker that special year.


Hempfest 1993 brought 5,000 supporters, featured a “Bong-A-Thon”, and an even stickier and more beautiful example of nature’s magical foliage. As the event got better, so did the music, and ’93 featured great Seattle bands such as Stickerbush and Bam Bam (both defunct) and established the hard drivin’ rockin’ reggae act, Herbivores as Seattle Hempfest’s House Band. Hempfest was growing at the same rate as the increasing public awareness of the half truths, lies and misinformation that had been generated by …

Why Choose A Hemp Bag/Backpack  – By Treysongz Cbd | Treysongz Hemp | Trey Songz Massage Oil | Trey Calms




Are hemp luggage good?

When that comes to carriers you want these people to what you need, reliable and durable. Three things you can easily always expect from hemp. Throw found in the fact that hemp is one of the almost all environmentally sustainable sources and also you? ve acquired 4 good causes to invest inside a hemp bookbag, holdall, handbag or shopping bag. In the event that you find oneself thinking? are hemp bags any great?? then you? ve come to typically the right place for answers!



A new recent study says that a cotton? bag for life? style shopping bag or tote carrier could be a lot more harmful to typically the climate than applying a standard plastic material bag. The thought behind this is certainly that a cotton carry bag requires even more materials and more energy to produce than an individual plastic bag. The UK government report estimates that typically the carbon footprint involving a cotton tote bag is equivalent to producing ~173 plastic bags. Naturally , this does not really take into accounts the undeniable fact that the particular cotton bag can be reused possibly more than 173 times, plus the pollution and litter box that plastic carriers cause for the atmosphere, which is itself a huge difficulty. The thing is that even though a cotton tote bag may appear like the more planet-friendly option, the environmental impact of creating a cotton carry bag is not insignificant by any means. You can also learn about Trey calms  here.


If you choose a hemp tote bag, a lot of the carbon by the production procedure is already balance by the hemp plant itself. That will? s because hemp is nature? t greatest carbon sink, it absorbs even more CO2 in …

How to stop masturbating with Pills to help not jerk of




When masturbation is getting a problem, there are strategies and techniques to help a person stop.

A combination of techniques may be helpful, like the following:


  1. Avoid pornography

Exposure in order to pornography may trigger the need to masturbate.

Men and women who wish to stop masturbating should stay away from pornographic movies, photos, and websites. In case a person could place a buffer between themselves and pornography, it can easily help them break up the habit.


That is now super easy to access porn material rapidly when compared with13623 few mere seconds. However, people may try to limit their access in order to pornography by making use of filters on electric devices that obstruct certain types associated with content, such as pornographic material.

Although a person can easily unblock such web sites, taking the time to perform so can offer them time to regain power over their particular impulses and let the urge to move.

second . Stay lively

It might be helpful regarding a person to find ways to occupy their very own time that will not trigger the desire to masturbate. Learn more about Pills to help not jerk of


Finding outlets for energy release could affect the time expended masturbating. People can certainly consider taking upwards a new pastime or learning a fresh skill, such because learning a musical instrument or trying a new game.

Developing new targets can help some sort of person refocus their very own energy in order to find pleasure and fulfillment found in other things.

This may also be helpful to be able to determine when the need to masturbate is definitely highest and approach other activities for that time.

  1. Seek out professional help

Whenever masturbation is in a negative way affecting an individual? s …

Is it possible to win at Online Gambling Slots?



It’s usually confusing to make a decision upon what slot machine to play at. If you have a look around a casino you will see scores of various gambling machines. Those bright colors and jackpot advertisements make a player hesitate.


One of the most frequently asked questions is if it’s possible to beat slot machines or not. After reading the answer below you’ll have a clear image of how to get more chances to win.


So, is it possible to win at Slot machines?


Of course it is. Don’t think of winning at slots as of something improbable. People do win and some of them win a lot. The only thing you need to know control the gaming process. Basically slot machines always pay back. However a percentage of the payout varies according to different casinos’ terms. At some casinos the percentage is 75, at others 83. Even a 75 percentage is favorable for a player. He can easily hit a round sum and quit a casino a winner. And yes, as for the quit. One of the basic strategies of Slots is to leave a casino when you get the upper hand. If all the money you have is $100 don’t try to double this amount and leave the game winning $25. It’s not bags of money, but still, you can just enjoy the atmosphere, watch other players and memorize the machines that pay out more than others.


How to play Slots


The history of Slot machines goes back to San Francisco 1887. The founder of the first slot machine “ “Liberty Bell” was Charles Fay.


The process of the game.


First of all a player needs some coins to be inserted into a slot machine. There’s a handle on …