The Vegas Bachelor Party

It was my best friend’s bachelor party last weekend but this was no ordinary bachelor party and it’s not likely I will ever forget it. usa online casino with ach deposit is renowned around the world for it’s gambling, shows and extravagance so it seemed like the perfect place for a bachelor party. The highlight of the entire weekend for me, apart from the strip clubs, was definitely the bachelor tour.

The bachelor tour was like no other Saturday night I have ever experienced. During the 8-hour stint we visited nightclub after nightclub and a couple of strip clubs thrown in for good measure. The party bus was incredible and the driver seemed to know exactly what we wanted. The driver and Vegas seemed to have an answer to every request we threw at them.

There were 11 of us on our bachelor tour, although the driver tells me they can accommodate up to 18 people and it was like a whirlwind tour of the most incredible city I have ever had the privilege of visiting. If you’re getting married and you want a bachelor party to beat all bachelor parties then you don’t need to look any further than Las Vegas.

An Atom Bomb And A Sinking Ship

Many of you will already know that Las Vegas, apart from being famous for it’s gambling, drive thru weddings and promiscuous bars, was also renowned for being an atomic test site. Celebrities used to travel for miles just to see the huge mushroom clouds that were created and while the testing has now stopped you can still visit the Atomic Testing Museum. I was quite surprised at how cheap the prices were, adults only pay $10 and kids $7 but then I don’t suppose many people actually visit Vegas to go to an Atomic museum.

If historic museums are your cup of tea though, we also visited The Titanic Artifact Exhibition. You will all undoubtedly know the story behind the unsinkable ship although you may be surprised to learn Leo DiCaprio wasn’t actually on the boat. This was slightly more expensive but still reasonable at just under $20 for adults and $10 for kids. It houses quite a spectacular collection of artifacts and possibly the most peculiar is the frozen iceberg. The whole place is a bit surreal but well worth a visit for a slightly quieter couple of hours.

Sightseeing for the Adventurous

Photographic opportunities in Nevada are as rich as the history of the area. If you visit Las Vegas, book a few tours and experience some of the wonders of the world.

Top on your list should be the Grand Canyon (almost 4,000 feet of beautifully dramatic terraced cliffs looking down on the majestic Colorado River), the Hoover Dam (Nevada’s number one sight seeing attraction), the Red Rock Canyon (known for its unique rock formations and petrified sand dunes), and the Colorado River (the primary river of the Southwest).

Aside from the thrill of the photographic shot, you can have a shot at the adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy rafting down the Colorado River as you take in the desert scenery and river wildlife. Relax in a deluxe motor coach as you tour the Grand Canyon and listen to an historical narration of the early history of Nevada, complete with Spanish explorers, western settlers, and Hualapai Indians. Smile as you delight in a piece of world famous chocolate from Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory during a pit stop along the Hoover Dam tour. Gossip as you visit Summerlin, the residential community founded by Howard Hughes.

Whatever you do while visiting Las Vegas, you are sure to have a good time!