Ivey leads in Monte Carlo Millions Togel Online Tournament

Togel Online



Phil Ivey and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson were battling it out for first place on the second day of the Monte Carlo Millions, “the world’s most exclusive poker tournament”, sponsored by PrimaPoker.com.


The first-ever poker tournament in the Principality of Monaco, it is being held at the Sporting d’Hiver in Monte-Carlo from November 6-13. The field boasts twenty-seven WSOP gold bracelet holders, seven World Poker Tour Championship titles, and nearly 20% of the 2004 Top 100

Money List which determines the biggest winners of the year.


Ivey was ahead with $404,500 in chips, Ferguson was second with $281,500, Vincent Napolitano third with $246,500.


Some of the biggest names in Togel Online poker were struggling to get to the final table. Among them were Joe Beevers (19th), Ross Boatman (22nd), Tony Bloom (24th), Mel Judah (26th), Tony G (46th), Scotty Ngyuen (64th), Dave Devilfish Ulliott (65th), Layne Flack (71st) and Howard Lederer



Eight of the players for the $1 million prize pool won their seats online at satellite tournaments through Prima Poker Network card rooms. Their $20,000 package includes round-trip airfare for two, a seven-night stay at the Hotel Hermitage, private helicopter transportation from Nice to Monte-Carlo, a tour of the French Riviera.


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