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Slots is a simple game. Ye place a bet and spin a series of reels featuring various symbols, letters or numbers. If the symbols line up on the pay line in a winning combination, the game pays out according to the pay table. The best thing about slot machines is that a very high percentage of yer bet can be won.  I’ll be honest with ye – there are no slot machine winning secrets. The truth of the matter is that unless ye’ve found a malfunctioning or cheating slot machine, winning at slot machines is a matter of luck. However, there are some tips and strategies ye should be aware of…


Captains Tip: First of all, only play at me Best Slots Sites (above). I have years of experience under me cap and will share with ye only the highest recommended and most reputable online slots sites. These places offer ye the best chance of winning while enjoying a relaxing, carefree and professional experience. Sail ho!


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The Free Money Bonus Strategy: Many casinos give away free chips or free credits upon sign up and prior to depositing. It is obviously to yer advantage to play with money that did not come out of yer own pocket! visitez le site


The Bonus Hunting Strategy: Take advantage of online casino bonuses (especially the new player sign up bonuses) by playing the casino slots with the best payout percentage and cashing out as soon as ye have met the minimum wagering requirements. Then go fer another casino with a good sign up bonus. These online bonuses act as a tool to bring the payout percentage to over 100%. Ye usually only get one large bonus at these casinos (when ye sign up) however, often times they do send recurring bonuses that really will help ye achieve a winning slots session. Why do they give these bonuses?  They want to please ye in hopes that ye will become a loyal and frequent player at their casino.


The Payout Percentage Strategy: This is the simplest and most basic strategy. Look fer the best percentage payout slots around. Some slots have a percentage payout of around 95-97%. Most slots pay over 90%. That is not a bad payout percentage by any stretch.  These higher payout percentage slots are the ones ye should be playing.



Captains Tip: Always look fer the best odds and payout percentage. All things equal, look fer the best progressive jackpot. The only true skill to playing slots is machine identification. Fer example, a progressive machine offers the opportunity to compare and shop around fer the best value. One twenty-five cent machine can have a progressive jackpot of $4500 and another machine with exactly the same odds and payout percentage in the same casino may only be offering $1200.


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The Money/Time Management Strategy: Prior to playing, set a Stop Loss limit of how much ye are willing to lose and do not exceed that fer any reason. Also, and more importantly, set a limit on how much ye will win before cashing out. I want to emphasize hat most slot sessions include a point where the player is ahead. If ye have the discipline to cashout at that point, ye will enjoy more profits. On the same note, ye should allot yerself a fixed amount of time to play and not exceed it.


Captains Tip:

Quit when ye are ahead, me hearties!


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The Martingale Regressive Betting Strategy: Start with the minimum bet. Increase yer wager every time ye lose on a spin and go back to the minimum bet whenever ye win. Fer this, ye’ll need to find multi bet slot machines that offer enough of a gap between maximum and minimum bets that ye can keep increasing yer wager over a long period of spins until ye finally win one.


The Overdue Progressive Strategy: This is when players look fer the largest Progressive jackpots with the belief that the bigger the Jackpot, the more likely it is “overdue” and ready to be hit.



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