Georgia, USA, Tries for Online Lottery


According to a recent report from Associated Press, a bill to set up the nation’s first online lottery passed the Georgia House on March 4th, but a Web-based lotto is still a long shot.

Lawmakers in the US state approved the legislation 131-32, with no debate. The measure would allow players to use credit cards or checking accounts to play up to $5 in lottery numbers every day.

Supporters say an online lottery would boost sales and help ensure the future of a popular but expesive college scholarship bankrolled by the lottery.

“This is designed to increase revenue for scholarships, so college students can continue to enjoy the maximum amount of funding,” said Republican Rep. Terry Barnard.

Opponents said they doubted the issue would even come to a vote in the Senate.

Lottery officials say they’re not sure an online lottery would be legal — casinos, horse racing and video poker are all illegal in Georgia — and convenience stores oppose it because they get commissions on ticket sales.

Gambling addiction groups are also bitcoin dice  opposed, noting it’s unwise to let people bet on credit and that it would be hard to make sure minors weren’t getting in on the action.

Several states have considered online lotteries but none have started one.

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US Internet Gambling Prohibition Update

Senator John Kyl has said he intends to try to move forward with Bill S-627, which would prohibit Internet gambling.

“M plan is to try to get it up for a vote,” said Kyl, Senator for Arizona, during an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The Bll passed the Senate Banking Committee in July 2003 but failed to go to a vote before the Senate. It has met with opposition from both the American Gaming Association (AMA) and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA).


According to experts, it will be difficult for Senator Kyl to find a compromise that will satisfy all the special interests involved.