Victims of a recent flood in Japan have been given unexpected help from a mystery lottery winner who posted a winning ticket to help them.


Rescue officials in Fukui prefecture are marvelling at the winner’s generosity, after they received the ticket, worth 990,986 pounds, with a note saying it was intended for the victims of the flood. The sender had even used a false name and address so they would not be traced. Prefecture official Hiroko Imatomi said the note convinced her the ticket was genuine, says IOL. She said: “It must be from a rare type of person who has a big heart and hopes it will help people who suffered a lot.”




TAIPEI : It is a hot 37 degrees Celsius in Taiwan but the weather is no dampener when it comes to lottery fever, especially when Thursday’s draw will net the winner a cool US$30 million.


Since the start of computerized lottery betting in Taiwan, hundreds of jackpot winners have been produced.


But over the past three weeks, the winning numbers have eluded all punters.


So the prize money has snowballed to close to US$30 million — the highest ever bounty — waiting to be collected by the winner or winners on Thursday’s draw.


Long queues have been forming since sales started, with every person hoping he or she will emerge the next millionaire.


“I will win. There’s always hope as long as you buy the tickets,” one Taiwanese said.


To win the big lotto, all you have to do is pick six out of 49 numbers.


Each ticket costs NT$50, or about US$1.50.


The rest is up to pure luck.


Taiwanese have long been …






LETHBRIDGE – The husband of a Lethbridge city councillor who ran away to Las Vegas with a married man said he is convinced his wife did not have an affair. David Heatherington said that, contrary to reports, his wife, Darlene, gave her laptop computer to police, who were investigating complaints she was being e-mailed by a stalker.

“There is a great amount of speculation in the media, much of it fuelled by the release of information by the authorities in Great Falls,” said David Heatherington, whose wife, Dar, has captured headlines since she went missing in Great Falls, Mont., on May 3 while on a business trip with other Lethbridge councillors.


She was found disoriented at a Las Vegas hotel, claiming she had been kidnapped, drugged and assaulted.


She was charged by police in Great Falls last week after they said she admitted her first story was a lie and she had actually driven to Las Vegas with an Alberta man.


“There is a great amount of speculation in the media, much of it fuelled by the release of information by the authorities in Great Falls,” said David Heatherington, whose wife, Dar, has captured national headlines since she went missing in Great Falls, Montana, on May 3 while on a business trip with other Lethbridge councillors.


“We have been very forthcoming with our information and have done our best to co-operate with the authorities in every way possible.”


A massive search was launched after Dar Heatherington was reported missing. Days later, she was found disoriented at a Las Vegas hotel, claiming she had been kidnapped, drugged and assaulted.


However, she was charged by police in Great Falls last week after they said she admitted her first story was a lie and …





Walter F. Tracey slept in until about 1 p.m. Sunday, then got a surprising jolt. The 80-year-old World War II Navy pilot checked the newspaper, and there it was in black and white: He had the winning numbers for the $100 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot.

About two hours later, when with the help of a cane he walked into J.P. Liquors in Los Altos, he learned he was one of three jackpot winners. He would receive $33.3 million, minus taxes, and the fortunes of his large family would change.


“I haven’t gotten a whoop or holler out of him yet,” said his smiling son Paul Tracey, 41, who lives with his father in Los Altos Hills.


After having several strokes since 1989, Walter Tracey said he doesn’t feel or show much emotion. But sitting in a chair in his living room later, mulling over his good fortune, he gave up a small smile and admitted, “I am very happy.”


The other winning tickets were purchased in Sausalito and Huntington Beach, California Lottery officials said Sunday. The winning numbers in Saturday’s drawing were 17, 18, 28, 33, 39, with 19 the Meganumber.


Tracey’s winnings came on top of another recent family jackpot: The birth 10 days ago of his 14th grandchild, Amelia, to Paul Tracey and his wife, Ivka. “She is a beautiful little baby girl,” her grandpa said.


“This money will go to a lot of family and benefit them,” Walter Tracey said. His top priority is education. Although his kids are grown, the oldest grandchildren are just reaching college age.


Tracey’s wife of 57 years died more than three years ago, and he said he still thinks of her every day. The two young Irish immigrants met and fell in love …




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Online casino gamblingHow would you like to list all online casinos that take Canada? Online gambling—a great phenomenon in the world of canadian casinos industry …

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CARA BERMAIN JUDI CASINO MULTI BET BACCARAT – Aturan main dari permainan judi casino multi bet baccarat sebenarrnya tidak terlalu rumit. Berikut ini kami akan mengulas cara bermain judi casino multi bet baccarat, untuk bisa bermain judi casino jenis baccarat ini anda hanya perlu mengenal beberapa hal yang berkaitan dengan tugas pemain, papan taruhan serta aneka kotak dan juga koin taruhan yang diperlukan. Sesuai namanya yang mengandung unsur “Multi” maka sudah bisa dipastikan bahwa anda akan bermain tidak hanya menggunakan 1 papan taruhan seperti saat bermain baccarat biasa, melainkan 3 papan taruhan sekaligus.


cara bermain judi casino multi bet baccarat


Bila anda termasuk bettor yang sering bermain judi casino jenis baccarat mungkin anda tidak terlalu merasa kesulitan saat bermain judi multi bet baccarat. Maka dari itu, disarankan sebelum anda memutuskan untuk bermain multi bet baccarat anda mempelajari terlebih dahulu permainan judi casino baccarat reguler. Setelah sudah cukup mahir bermain baccarat reguler barulah anda bisa lebih nyaman ketika bermain multi bet baccarat. Selain itu, perlu diketahui pula bahwa anda sebaiknya menyelesaikan papan taruhan multi bet baccarat secara satu per satu, hingga 3 papan tarhan dalam permainan tersebut terselesaikan.


Seperti sudah dijelaskan sebelumnya, bahwa Togel Hongkong dalam permainan judi casino multi bet baccarat ini anda juga perlu untuk mempelajari beberapa kotak taruhan yang berlaku, diantaranya seperti berikut ini:



Jika anda memilih kotak taruhan ini maka berarti anda memilih player yang berhasil memenangkan permainan tersebut. Hadiah yang bisa anda peroleh 1:1


Player Pair

Jika anda memilih kotak taruhan ini maka itu artinya anda memilih player yang berhasil memenangkan permainan namun dengan catatan player tersebut mendapatkan angka natural 8 atau 9. Hadiah yang bisa anda peroleh 1:11



Jika anda memilih kotak taruhan ini maka berarti kamu memilih banker yang berhasil memenangkan permainan tersebut. Hadiah …

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Free bolatangkas – Belanda Taklukan Latvia Enam Gol Tanpa Balas



Belanda mempreteli tiga angka dalam kubu keempatnya dalam kualfikasi Piala Eropa 2016. Menyuguhkan Latvia, Belanda bergembira ria setengah lusin gol dengan keunggulan total 6-0.test1


Di Amsterdam Arena, Senin (17/11/2014) subuh WIB, Robin van Persie memprakarsai perayaan gol Belanda buat Latvia dalam menit ke-6. Arjen Robben menambah keunggulan tuan rumah pada menit ke-35, sebelum Klaas-Jan Huntelaar menciptakan Oranje mencengkeram paruh waktu dgn penguasaan 3-0.


Dalam sesi ke-2, tepatnya menit ke-78, Jeffrey Bruma menambah keberhasilan Belanda. Robben, yang bermain impresif seturut kompetisi, dan kemudian mencipta gol keduanya dalam menit ke-82, sebelum Huntelaar menyelesaikan pesta gol Belanda 2 menit menjelang berakhirnya tempo normal.


Dampak itu menghentikan untaian dua kegagalan berturut-turut Belanda yg sebelum itu kalah 0-2 atas Islandia di pihak kualifikasi dan lantas 2-3 dr Meksiko dalam pihak friendly.


Impak itu menghasilkan Belanda waktu ini mengoleksi enam angka dari 4 duel, dalam duduk pada posisi tiga klasemen Grup A dalam bawah Republik Ceko oleh Islandia yg sama-sama miliki 9 poin dan baru 3 kali bermain–keduanya juga akan melawan dinihari ini.


Sementara Latvia membungkam di posisi empat dengan rengkuhan dua nilai kinerja dr 2 kali draw dan dua kali kalah.


Robin van Persie refleks menghasilkan Belanda memimpin ketika pertandingan baru berjalan enam menit. Satu buah sodoran umpan silang dr Arjen Robben dgn jitu disambut tandukan Van Persie ke arah tiang jauh.


Enam menit dan kemudian Robben kembali merongrong tim tameng Latvia. Ia mampu menelan celah dan menembak, meski bola belum tertuju ke bidang incaran.


Usaha Latvia menyambut belum membuahkan kinerja. Operan dari Aleksandrs Fertovs memang mampu diteruskan Valerijs Sabala dgn sundulan, walaupun haluan si kulit bundar sedang menyimpang dari gawang Belanda.


Gol ke 2 di rivalitas dan kemudian lahir dalam menit ke-35, kembali guna belanda, serta dari koalisi yg sama ibarat gol sebelumnya …

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Ivey leads in Monte Carlo Millions Togel Online Tournament



Phil Ivey and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson were battling it out for first place on the second day of the Monte Carlo Millions, “the world’s most exclusive poker tournament”, sponsored by


The first-ever poker tournament in the Principality of Monaco, it is being held at the Sporting d’Hiver in Monte-Carlo from November 6-13. The field boasts twenty-seven WSOP gold bracelet holders, seven World Poker Tour Championship titles, and nearly 20% of the 2004 Top 100

Money List which determines the biggest winners of the year.


Ivey was ahead with $404,500 in chips, Ferguson was second with $281,500, Vincent Napolitano third with $246,500.


Some of the biggest names in Togel Online poker were struggling to get to the final table. Among them were Joe Beevers (19th), Ross Boatman (22nd), Tony Bloom (24th), Mel Judah (26th), Tony G (46th), Scotty Ngyuen (64th), Dave Devilfish Ulliott (65th), Layne Flack (71st) and Howard Lederer



Eight of the players for the $1 million prize pool won their seats online at satellite tournaments through Prima Poker Network card rooms. Their $20,000 package includes round-trip airfare for two, a seven-night stay at the Hotel Hermitage, private helicopter transportation from Nice to Monte-Carlo, a tour of the French Riviera.


PokerChamps gives players a chance to share


How can you get a website to pay for your poker? By introducing a lot of new poker players, that’s how.


Gus Hansen’s innovative new online poker room,, gives back part of all the rakes taken from “your” poker players as a reward for suggesting others. A proportion of the money spent by any players that they, in turn, suggest also goes back to you. So the more people you suggest – and the more they suggest – the …

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Royal Vegas poker have a regal promotion for new players in 2005. They are giving away $10 for new registered players, there is no obligation to buy chips here, the cash is yours to try out on Royal Vegas Poker and their great variety of tables.


Has $10 wetted your appetite for more? Well Royal Vegas poker will match your first real money deposit with an extra 40% right up to $100.


Lou Krieger, author of “Internet Poker” can be found at Royal Vegas, often playing on their superbly run tables. This is a very popular poker room and as part of the Prima Poker network, players can enjoy excellent, quality software and a high number of players, so no bankroll will be too big or too small to take part.


We think you’ll enjoy Royal Vegas poker, if you do, then you can profit from the poker room by telling your friends, Royal Vegas Poker will give you $50 for every real money friend you refer to the site.


All your favourite games are at Royal Vegas, Hold Em, Omaha, Stud (both 7 and 5 card) and coupled with some excellent incentives to play at Royal Vegas you could well find this particular poker room your regular haunt.


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Slots is a simple game. Ye place a bet and spin a series of reels featuring various symbols, letters or numbers. If the symbols line up on the pay line in a winning combination, the game pays out according to the pay table. The best thing about slot machines is that a very high percentage of yer bet can be won.  I’ll be honest with ye – there are no slot machine winning secrets. The truth of the matter is that unless ye’ve found a malfunctioning or cheating slot machine, winning at slot machines is a matter of luck. However, there are some tips and strategies ye should be aware of…


Captains Tip: First of all, only play at me Best Slots Sites (above). I have years of experience under me cap and will share with ye only the highest recommended and most reputable online slots sites. These places offer ye the best chance of winning while enjoying a relaxing, carefree and professional experience. Sail ho!


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The Free Money Bonus Strategy: Many casinos give away free chips or free credits upon sign up and prior to depositing. It is obviously to yer advantage to play with money that did not come out of yer own pocket! visitez le site


The Bonus Hunting Strategy: Take advantage of online casino bonuses (especially the new player sign up bonuses) by playing the casino slots with the best payout percentage and cashing out as soon as ye have met the minimum wagering requirements. Then go fer another casino with a good sign up bonus. These online bonuses act as a tool to bring the payout percentage to over 100%. Ye usually only get one large bonus at these casinos (when ye sign up) however, often times they …